An Interview By Robert Scoble (in the ISKME garden)

Last year, Robert Scoble came by the ISKME office to say hi and see what we were up to. As I was giving him a tour of our community garden, he looked around and said, “Great, let’s sit here and talk.” So we pulled up a couple of chairs and I began telling him about some of the work we were doing around open source education, trying to make all education content freely available with OER Commons, how I went from being an academic refuge to a social entrepreneur, and how I thought there was never a more exciting time to be working in the field of education. He then said, “Wait a minute, I want to go grab my camera in the car.” I guess I should have known better, or at the very least combed my hair in honor of Half Moon Bay’s own resident tech celebrity. Nonetheless, we had a great chat (even though I was squinting the entire time sans sunglasses). A year later I ran into him at The Tech Awards and he introduced me to a colleague as an “education revolutionary.” He then quickly quipped, “Well, actually, you aren’t revolutionary enough yet!” If you see him around, please let him know that I’ve taken that as a personal challenge!

Here is Robert’s introduction to the video:

“Open sharing of knowledge. It’s revolutionary. Just a few years ago it would be unthinkable to be able to watch college lectures on the Internet without paying for them, but that’s exactly what’s happening. What else is happening to education? Lisa Petrides, who runs the Institute for the study of knowledge management in education, or ISKME, sits down with me for a long talk about trends in education.”

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