Beyond the Textbook

This article initially appeared in the Huffington Post, June 12, 2012 Probably none of us have gone through high school or college without some relationship to that 20th century artifact of learning called the textbook. While I remember in high school not being allowed to write in my textbook, I also remember being delighted in college when I realized that because I bought my own textbooks I could scribble notes in them and highlight with abandon.… Read the rest

Measuring the Value of a College Degree

This article originally appeared in Huffington Post, College, May 17, 2012 Not long ago, a degree was all it took to open doors. While a diploma from an Ivy League school still gets attention, the reality is that the value of a college diploma is being questioned from all sides. Parents and students want to be reassured that they are not being shortchanged when they sign a student loan.… Read the rest

You Say You Want a Virtual Revolution?

This post originally appeared in The Huffington Post, September 17, 2009 In a provocative commentary published in Sunday’s Washington Post, frequent Huffington Post blogger Zephyr Teachout predicts that “a virtual revolution is brewing for colleges.” What digital technology has done to the newspaper business, it will soon do to higher education, she argues.… Read the rest